Grow your business rapidly with our secure payment processes With our range of secure and time-efficient solutions your clients are assured of a safe transacting environment.

Helping your business achieve more

We are at the forefront of providing optimum payment solutions for small scale and large scale businesses in various industries across Africa. From our wealth of experience over the years, we are able to provide businesses with suitable solutions that guide them to significant growth in their various environments.

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Reach more customers using our range of products

We have the right product to help you exceed your clients’ payment expectations within our range of versatile, secure and easy-to-use products

POS Application

Our POS Infiniti app, which is certified by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement system(NIBSS), enables you to perform several transaction types including; Purchase, Balance Inquiry, Cash Advance, and can be flexibly configured to cater for cash payments.

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Wireless Terminals

Our wireless terminals give your clients the option of conveniently paying with their cards at different payment points, therefore enhancing good customer experience.

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Pin Pad

Carry out fast and secure transactions with our pin pad. We help you protect your clients with the end to end encrypted pin verification system on our pinpads.

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Discover a secure, easy to use, affordable and ideal payment solution for your small scale business with our MPOS device.

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Countertop terminals

Our countertop terminal offers your business everything it needs to secure payments via debit and credit cards.

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Mobile application

Our mobile application empowers you to conveniently carry out transactions on-the-go. It offers a robust range of options such as balance inquiry, deposit checks, fund transfers, bill payments and lots more.

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Android terminals

Our state of the art android terminal is an essential smart mobile for businesses involved in food & beverage, fashion & retail and transportation. Take your payment experience to a whole new level with this smart solution.

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Enjoy unbeatable service

Your business needs a trusted payment partner. Let’s guide you to a solution that will help you thrive.

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Payment Terminal Solutions

From small scale businesses to fully-fledged companies, we offer payment terminal solutions that give evident growth to your business. Let us empower you to improve sales and give your clients a pleasant experience with our payment terminal solutions.


Consulting with you helps us cater better to your needs. We are attentive and passionate in
guiding you to finding the right payment solution for your business..

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Guaranteed Safety & Security

Our payment infrastructure at Netop enables customers to make payments
in the safest possible setting that complies with industry regulations.

✔ Two-Factor Authentication
✔ Secured Transactions
✔ NDPR Compliant
✔ PCIDSS Compliant