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The Central Bank of Nigeria is driving towards a cashless society in Nigeria. Netop Business Systems is the leading service provider for this campaign.

We intend to be the Premier Payment Terminal Service Provider in Nigeria, adopting a variety of unique strategies spelling out the nondescript in PoS usage and adoption.  Our aim is to provide our clients with first-rate merchant and PoS solutions and backing that are unrivalled in the industry.  And with a team of innovative and experienced staff, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

We achieve this by taking over complete management of the PoS and merchants; and efficiently manage all merchant and other stakeholder activities to ensure that there are continued seamless transactions on the PoS at all locations with limited down time thereby enhancing adoption.

As a PTSP and having consequently reviewed the hitherto industry gaps experienced by the ‘Cashless Nigeria’ thus far, NETOP as an ICT company is leveraging on our technological competencies and capabilities by introducing several services and products towards efficient and effective acquisition, deployment, maintenance and support of merchants and PoSes across Nigeria aimed at driving adoption.

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