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DocPlatform™ transforms both hard copy and electronic document based information into knowledge assets that becomes instantly usable by the company workforce. It is an innovative solution that enables the organizations to eliminate the time spent searching for documents, costly paper reproduction and distribution methods. Having duly examined the requirements of the organization, we are confident that our proposed solution will effectively address your needs.

The principal objective of DocPlatform is to:

  • Provide a system that captures information, instant documents, records retrieval, and seamless information distribution across the organization.
  • Provide a system with a powerful and paperless office solution.
  • Make possible the elimination or reduction of time spent searching for documents, costly paper reproduction and distribution methods
  • Provide a document management system with a vast user experience, which enhances productivity by being tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Active Directory, and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Incorporate ease of information acquisition in terms of process and protect digital archives from unauthorized access.
  • Make possible enterprise wide detail identity and document retrieval
  • Provide the organization with the ability to build business intelligence information.
  • Integrate smoothly with existing systems and applications.
  • Provide a collaboration suite among users.
  • Act as a Record Manager for easy archival purposes.
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